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The University of Bergen (UoB), located on the west coast of Norway, is internationally regarded for it's marine biology and molecular biology reseach and education. The Sars Centre works closely with other university departments, notably the Department of Molecular Biology, Department of Biology, and Bergen Center for Computational Science (BCCS), all located in the modern High-Technology Centre (HiB).

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The Sars Centre is a partner of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) since June 19, 2003. It facilitiates scientific exchange and support areas of common interest of the two institutes, opening up new directions for research training and collaborations.

The partnership focuses on several key areas:

  • Joint scientific meetings exchange information on current projects, stimulate future collaborations and personnel exchange between Sars/EMBL and others.
  • Mutual access to facilities, instrumentation and databases.
  • The Sars Centre/UoB/EMBL will in the near future establish an International PhD Programme in Marine Molecular Biology. Students will receive research training at the Sars Centre, and the University of Bergen and EMBL, and possible other international institutes will actively collaborate in the planning of the programme's theoretical and practical coursework.
  • Finally, EMBL takes an active role in advising and evaluating the development and progress of the Sars Centre.

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