Bergen, Norway

Bryggen, Bergen's world heritage site

The 1000 year-old city of Bergen is known as the "Gateway to the Fjords". Its history, culture, people and fantastic nature make it a popular tourist destination. It was once the seat of Norway's kings and the center of most ocean-going commerce in Norway. Today you are more likely to see cruise ships rather than ocean freighters in the harbour which is also home to Norway's largest fish market. The wooden buildings lining Bryggen street were built by the Hanseatic League during the middle ages.

The University of Bergen, including the Sars Centre in the High-Technology Centre, are located near the center of town.

View of Ulriken from Sars

Visitors are kept busy here with a host of attractions and cultural events, both indoors and out. Seven low mountains surround the city, with a number of walking, hiking, and skiing trails. Boat tours of the fjords are popular, and it is relatively quick and inexpensive to take the train to nearby ski resorts (information from Fjord Tours AS) in the winter.  The university atmosphere in Bergen contributes to its' bustling nightlife (from Bergen Guide). Visitors will find a wide selection of restaurants, night clubs and concert venues to keep them busy late into the night.

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