Car Rentals

UiB has a contract with Hertz - First Rent a Car Norway AS, CDP id: 961043, and is for work-related rentals in Norway and abroad. See here for more information:

Sars Centre's contract with Bildeleringen is for work related use in Bergen.
Book at Bildeleringen:
Ask administration for logon information. Go to “Ny Bestilling” at top of page and book vehicle.
In general we book cars from Møhlenspris garage and El-cars from Sentrum/Baneveien.
Vehicles are placed here:

An order confirmation email will be sent to and contains info on the car you have booked and where to find it. Print out 2 copies of confirmation, one for the driver and one to be placed in the folder in the Administration office (marked with driver's name).

You will need the key from the Admin office in order to access the car. You will need the membership card to be able to unlock and start the cars that have these installed. See instructions accompanying card for use.

For more info see