Employee Reimbursements

Petty Cash

The admin office has a cash supply for employee reimbursements of up to kr. 300. The project number and description of items purchased, as well as your signature must be included on the receipt.

Other Reimbursements

For reimbursements exceeding kr. 300 you will need to complete a Reimbursement Form (norsk) which will be sent to the Accounting Department for payment. The Accounting Department has a policy of prioritizing personal reimbursements, but the process may still take up to 2 weeks.

In addition to the Centre's company credit card used for on-line ordering, the Centre also has a credit card agreement for all Sars employees with employment contracts of more than one year. Cards are issued with personal liability, from either DnB Kort A/S, American Express Company A/S and Diners Club Norge (more info). When using the card for business purpose, please present the admin office with all receipts as soon as possible so that you can be reimbursed before you receive the invoice from the credit card company.