ANNEX 4: NOKAS Personal Alarms

The NOKAS personal alarm system is comprised of : individual sender units, receivers, and alarm control panels.

The 706 Sender:

When not in use, the sender must hang on the wall bracket with the antenna pointing down.

“Panic Button” function for intruders / attacks:

Press both ORANGE buttons to activate. The BLACK button placed under the left orange button is a safety lock to prevent false activation. Push the BLACK button up to lock the ORANGE buttons.

“Tilt” function for falls:

If it is tilted at more than a 45 degree angle for 5 seconds, the sender unit gives a buzzing warning signal and will continue for 15 seconds or long as the sender is at an angel. After 15 seconds, an alarm signal will be sent from a Sars Receiver unit to NOKAS Alarm Central, who will respond after 2 minutes.

“Tilt” manual over-ride

If work for a short period of time requires bending over a at 45 degree angel or more, press the GREY button on top of the sender to cancel the tilt function temporarily. This will give you 5 minutes postponement, adding 5 min more for every time the GREY button is pushed. This eliminates false alarms.


When activated, Receiver units will sound a siren-like sound. To deactivate press code (1234 + UTKOBLE ) on the Alarm Control Panel situated either outside Appy Park or by the Admin offices, then call NOKAS @ 02580 within 2 minutes to cancel false alarms. If you do not call to cancel,within 2 minutes, NOKAS will dispatch security guards.

Important! Do not deactivate the alarm at the control panel if you did not set of the alarm, unless you have checked ALL Sars areas for someone in distress. The alarm panels by Appy Park and the Admin office will show the area in which the alarm has been triggered. These areas include the animal facilities on 1st and 2nd floor, labs and offices.

Alarm Control Panel:

When an alarm has been activated, the control panels by the Appy Park and the Admin office show which sender/area is signalling an alarm. (M = receiver; number = area /sone ). After the alarm situation has been signed off, you can reset the panel by entering code 1234 and press the RESET button.

Alarm Central:

After a Receiver siren has sounded for more than 2 minutes, the alarm signal is forwarded to t NOKAS Alarm Central, who will dispatch a security guard, unless you call to cancel the alarm. Remember, It is important that the situation is under control before you cancel the security guard.

To cancel a false alarm call phone number 02580 and give the codeword “SARS”

NOKAS quick cancellation guide

In the event of an alarm:

Check the panel to see where the alarm has been triggered, and take action.

M2 = Receiver (Mottaker) 2
003 = Area (Sone) 3

To stop siren, enter code + UTKOBLE

To reset panel, enter code + RESET

If false alarm call NOKAS @ 02580 immediately, to cancel dispatch of security guards. You will need the code word.

If you did not set of the alarm do not cancel/reset unless you are sure no one is in distress.