Work involving Biological Factors

Specific information on use and classification of biological factors in Norway can be found in the: Regulations on protection from exposure to biological agents in the workplace: FOR-1997-12-19-1322. ( > ressurser > forskrifter > FOR-1997-12-19-1322)

The Sars Centre's research involves use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and Microorganisms (GMM) classified as Risk Category II. This means that the use of lab coats is compulsory in our labs.

Definition of biological factors

Biological factors are classified into four groups according to the health risks/threats that they can cause to humans. These definitions include both natural and genetically modified factors.

Biological factors comprise:

Biological factors currently being used at the Sars Centre are microorganisms (variously modified E. coli strains) and cell cultures, and these are classified as Group 1 or Group 2 factors (Risk Category II).

Handling of biological factors


Cell culture