Chemicals, Buffers and Solutions

All tubes, bottles, chemical aliquots, etc., used by researchers in their daily work must have minimal labelling identifying contents, the researchers name/initials, and date made. This is to avoid incorrect usage or disposal. Upon termination of employment: lab bench should be cleaned, all solutions and waste must be handled by the person who produced it.

Chemicals stored in non-original, secondary containers:

Should be identical to labels on the original container from the supplier: name and formula of the chemical, name of producer and distributor, danger symbols, risk phrases, CAS number, date, and name of the person transferring the chemical from the original container. Labels can be printed from EcoOnline.

Diluted chemicals (stock buffers and solutions):

Buffers and solutions containing hazardous substances should be labelled with the name and formula of the chemicals /components, their concentrations, danger symbol/pictogram, date, and name of the person making the dilution.

Note: solutions made to be used on the day or stored in small tubes do not need to conform to these labelling requirements. Name or initials, contents, and concentration will suffice.

Transport and Handling


Internal transport of chemicals: