Accidents and Injuries

Chemical Exposure

The Sars Centre has developed a First Step Action guide in the case of chemical exposure.

First aid

First aid provided immediately after an injury may in some cases be decisive for the injury's outcome. Help must be called upon if necessary.
First aid training can be provided by inquiry to the HMS department, contact person is Tordis Sundnes - phone 82054.
At Sars, Grethe Underland is responsible for our First aid kit, placed in the washing room.

Notification of nearest relative

In case of severe personnel injury, Sars will try to make sure the nearest relatives are notified.
All employees and student has the possibility to give written information about who to notify and how, of course with reservation rights. Information access is limited to Head of Administration and Deputy of Safeties and is treated strictly confidentially.

Accident report duty

All accidents and injuries must be reported for reasons as:

* Secure the employees right to medical treatment and insurance coverage
* Learning potential and preventive perspective (increase workplace risk/safety knowledge and consciousness)
* Preparation of injuries statistics - outline of possible hazardous areas
* Law regulation Work Environment Act § 20 and 21 (norsk) (English)

See Nonconformities, accidents and near accidents (Unifob HMS Guidelines Chapter 6) for further information.Please note that Unifob has separate insurance arrangements, hence report procedures vary from the University's procedures.


Please ask for advise:

v/Britt Skorpen
Tlf: 55 58 49 76

v/Jorunn Ravlo
Tlf: 22 48 95 36

v/Oppgjør Bedrift
Postboks 7500
Tlf: 55 17 80 90.