Animal Facilities

The Sars Centre maintains several animal facilities for the culture and care of model organisms. It is forbidden to enter an animal facility without the permission from the relevant group leader and technician. Each facility will have its own specifications for mandatory training and entry restrictions.

Sponge facility (134 D1)

Contact Person: Maja Adamska

Cnidaria facility (138 C1)

Contact Person: Fabian Rentzsch, Bård Giezendanner

Appendicularia park (139 C1)

Contact Person: Jean-Marie Bouquet

Platynereis facility (232 B1, B3)

Contact Person: Harald Hausen, Berta Colom Sanmarti
All work with radioactivity must be carried out in the isotope room, and all users must attend the UiB course in radioactivity. See Annex 5 for guidelines of work practices; more detailed instructions are found in the isotope room facility handbook.

"Worm room" (232 B2)

Contact Person: Andreas Hejnol, Anlaug Boddington

Ascidian facility (238 A1)

Contact Person: Di Jiang, Birthe Mathiesen