Special Equipment Rooms

Before entering rooms housing special equipment, contact the person in charge and ensure that you receive required training for the safe and proper usage of these facilities. Note: updates to “contact person” information is found here.

Wash room (226 B1, B2 and B3)

Contact Person: Grethe Underland

Cold room (227 B1)

Contact Person: Aina Børve

Microscopy room I (227 B2)

Contact Person: Andreas Hejnol

Electrophysiology rig (227 B3)

Contact Person: Harald Hausen

Isotope room (228 B1 and B2)

Contact Person: Marit Flo Jensen
All work with radioactivity must be carried out in the isotope room, and all users must attend the UiB course in radioactivity. See Annex 5 for guidelines of work practices; more detailed instructions are found in the isotope room facility handbook.

Cell Culture lab (229 A1, A2)

Contact Person: Simon Henriet
Everyone who is to work in the cell laboratory must be trained regarding safety, sterile procedures, waste-handling procedures and the functioning of the LAF (laminar air flow) bench and cell incubator cupboard. See Annex 6 for guidelines of work practices; more detailed instructions are found in the cell culture facility handbook.

Storage (229 B1)

Contact Person: Martina Raasholm

Microscopy room II - Confocal (233 B1)

Contact Person: Martina Raasholm
Before using the confocal, you must arrange an orientation meeting with the contact person in which you will learn how to safely use and care for the microscope.

Microscopy room III - Fluorescence, compound (234 B1, B3)

Contact Person: Maja Adamska

Ultra Centrifuge, UV and photo developer (234 B2)

Contact Person: Mary Laplante, Simon Henriet

Thermostat Incubators (ex ultra freezers) (234 B1)

Contact Person: Mary Laplante

Microinjection (236 B3)

Contact Person: Fabian Rentzsch, Jean-Marie Bouquet