Personnel injuries, accidents, near-accidents and non-conformities

Accident Report Duty

All accidents/injuries, near-accidents, non-conformities, or irregularities must be reported to the Sars Centre management. Complete the form found at > intranett >HSE or HMS (section 9.1) and send it to the Head of Administration at Sars Centre.

Reporting is necessary:

First Aid

First aid provided immediately after an injury may be critical for the injury's further development and the restitution time for the injured. Immediate and proper medical assistance must be given if necessary.

Notification of Closest Relative

All employees and students are requested to provide contact information on their closest relative such that they can be notified by the Sars Centre in case of severe personal injury.

Occupational Health Service (Bedrifthelsetjeneste)

Kokstad Bedriftshelsetjeneste AS provides occupational health services to Uni Research departments and employees. They are an independent service provider. This means that individual employees can contact the occupational health services if they suspect that conditions in the workplace are causing them health problems. The service is subject to a duty of confidentiality on a par with any other medical service.

The expertise of the occupational health service can be called upon with regard to work-related health and safety questions. Examples of such could be risk assessments in connection with new projects or new chemicals, air quality surveys, or ergonomics, etc..

The contact people for Uni Research are:
Occupational Hygienist Ann Margot Whyatt:
Doctor Asgeir Askeland: