Sars Centre HSE Responsibilities and Contact Points

For more detailed information and overview, see Uni Research's HSE/HMS guide ( >intranett > HSE or HMS)

In accordance with the Norwegian Work Environment Act (WEA, section 2-1), the Research Director holds formal overall responsibility for the working environment at the Sars Centre as the employer's representative. Operational responsibilities are delegated to the Head of Administration.

Group leaders are given delegated responsibility related to compliance in their respective laboratories and facilities, including responsibility for technical personnel, research staff, and students. The laboratory engineers or designated lab responsible persons are responsible for the daily upkeep of relevant regulations in each lab.

All employees are responsible for complying to relevant national laws, regulations, and internal instructions (WEA 2-3). All are obliged to participate in and contribute to the improvement of the health and safety of our work, aiming at establishing a good and healthy work environment at the Sars Centre.

The safety delegate (verneombudet) represents employees’ interests regarding the work environment (WEA, section 6-2). (S)he shall monitor working conditions and monitor that the employer complies with regulations regarding safety, health, and general welfare at the workplace.

The Research Director can delegate responsibilities for performing tasks linked to different parts of the HSE work to employees in the department. Delegation of responsibility for HSE tasks must be documented in the local HSE manual