Work outside the Sars Centre

UniResearch has established guidelines and procedures for scientific and professional diving assignments, fieldwork collections, and for scientific cruises. See > intranett > HMS or HSE, sec. 5 for detailed instructions.

The planning of work activities outside the Sars Centre must be fully documented. For diving, a “Planning Procedure” must be generated and followed; for field-work and cruises, an “Advance Risk Assessment” must be generated and followed.

During planning, the person responsible for the excursion (fieldwork, cruise or dive) must ensure that all personnel involved hold the necessary certifications and have medical approval to carry out the activity.

Any absence related to work activities – fieldwork, cruises, diving or other regular business travels – must be reported to the Sars Centre administation front office in advance.


Fieldwork is defined as any collecting or processing of information (data, samples etc.) which is done outside your regular place of work, i.e. the Sars Centre’s facilities at HIB.


A research cruise is defined as any collecting or processing of information (data, samples etc.) which is done on or by a research sea-going vessel.


UniResearch has established a “safe diving procedure handbook” as the risks associated with diving may result in serious harm to those involved. The handbook specifies precautions that divers must take in order to avoid unnecessary risk exposure. The main elements of these procedures are:

Regular Business Travel

Business travels should be approved by staff supervisor in advance. Costs during the travel shall be kept at a reasonable level, and only documented costs will be reimbursed. Reimbursement claims must be presented on the form “Statens reiseregningsblankett” (X-0035), see Uni Research intranet; Employee Information > sect. 4.4 (Business travel and fieldwork) for further information.