Sars HMS System


The objective for the Sars HMS work is to secure good research results by establishing a working environment justifiable with respect to the employees safety, health and welfare.

As a Uni Research department, Sars follows the HMS standards established at Uni Research (Uni Research HMS guidelines) and on the University of Bergen's Intranett HMS - portalen. Establishing, maintaining and developing systematic HMS work is management responsibility. Parts of the responsibility can be delegated to employees. Employees are responsible for following and contributing to the established HMS requirements and guidelines.

Sars DG holds the general HMS responsibility at the Sars Centre, and Group leaders for their respective lab. Responsibility is delegated to employees in some defined areas and common facilities, see Delegated HMS Responsibility List and Common Facilities Responsibility List.

Contact persons are responsible for the following:

Contact persons are not responsible for maintaining general order and/or cleaning in their respective responsibility area. This is always the responsibility of each individual user.