Biological Waste

Genetically modified microorganisms (GMO) and microorganisms (GMM) MUST NEVER be released directly into the environment.

Bacterial waste and genetically modified microorganisms (GMM) waste


Biologically contaminated waste (gloves, paper, tips, plastics, used agar plates) must be discarded in plastic autoclave bags, inside the metal bins found in each lab. This waste will be sterilised by autoclaving and then returned to the lab and they must throw the waste.

Never put chemically contaminated waste in the metal bins - use the yellow boxes.

Liquid bacterial waste is sterilised by autoclaving. It must be placed in an autoclaveable container, filled to an appropriate level, labelled with contents and your initials. Users must deliver these waste containers to the washroom for processing.

70% ethanol can be used tor disinfection of equipment that cannot be autoclaved or exposed to corrosive agents, and also to clean GMM spills on benches.

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) waste

Macroscopic (large animal) transgenic waste - e.g. zebrafish, adult Ciona

Microscopic (larvae/small animal) transgenic waste - e.g. Nematostella

Note: the preceding applies to both stable and transiently transgenic organisms.