Hazardous / Dangerous Waste

Waste produced from many of the chemicals we use in the lab is classified as hazardous waste, for example:

The National Waste Regulation (avfallsforskriften) dictates which waste is considered as hazardous. This classification depends on the inherent properties of a chemical (danger, category, risk phrases, section 2 in SDS) and the concentration of the given in chemical in waste substance. See Annex 11 for information about the classifying of hazardous / dangerous waste.

Disposal of hazardous waste

Containers with hazardous chemical waste should be placed in a red plastic box (found in the waste room on the HIB 1st floor); the form "Registreringsskjema for farlig avfall" must be filled in (see Annex 12) and attached to each container together with other relevant information (e.g. the SDS). The red boxes are then returned to the waste room, 1st floor, for collection by BIR.

Hazardous waste should preferably be disposed of in its original packaging

Waste containing organic solvents

There are two collection containers in a chemical cabinet in room 229 B1; one marked RED (non-halogenic) and the other marked BLUE (halogenic). Disposal of these two containers is organised by Grethe Underland.

Do not mix halogen free and halogen containing waste - Halogenic waste disposal is much more expensive!!

Note: Several lab groups collect organic solvent waste in their own containers, and then dispose of these directly.

Other hazardous chemical waste