The Sars Centre is connected to the UIB-VPN wireless lan network. This allows employees to connect their private computers to the internet via wireless lan when at Sars. The VPN-network is a sub network of the university network installed for this purposes. Employees are also able to access the Sars server and personal settings from a private laptop. Please ensure that your computer is protected against virus offences. If you do not have a reliable antivirussoftware please download the free software from the University (eTrust) and never have more than one antivirus software on your computer at a time.

Connect to the UiB-VPN

  1. Download the VPN dialer and install it on your computer by clicking here
  2. Start your wireless lan modus on your laptop and serach for open networks.
  3. Choose the UiB network
  4. Open internet explorer - a window will appear and ask for your user name and password.
  5. Under Propertis - choose "Employee connecting from Privnett"
  6. Run \\idunn.klient.uib.no\home\“login” = your user name ie. femcb. A window pops up:
    User Name = uib\“login”
    Password = “your password”
  7. To access general Sars folder run: idunn.klient.uib.no\SARS
  8. Do not close the small VPN window as long as you are using internet

A detailed guide on how to set up VPN on your computer can be found here