Biomedical Research in Bergen

Technical Presentation - BBB 06.september 09:00

Westburg B.V from the Netherlands will have a technical presentation at BBB, Jonas Lies vei 91. The presentation will take place 6th of September 2006 in the Conference room 7th floor from 09.00 - 12.00 am.

The presentation has the following title: The Odessey: ”A new standard in protein quantification and Western Blot Analysis”, and will be about protein detection by Western blotting, protein arrays etc. Traditional Western blot analysis is time sensitive with respect to substrate preparation, membrane exposure, stripping and reprobing. Also chemiluminescent or radioactive detection methods might give high background and insufficient accuracy.

The presentation will be on the *LI-COR OdysseyTM Infrared (IR) Imaging System*. They claim that this infrared methodology eliminates the need for a substrate and allows simultaneous probing of two separate target samples on the same blot of gel allowing flexibility on scanning and accurate quantification. More information of the technique can be found here.