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Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology

Taking molecular, cell biology, genetic and comparative genomic approaches, the Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology aims to use marine animals as models to study morphological development within the context of animal evolution. Sars Centre is organised in independent research groups (see homepage) carrying out basic research acting on the research programme of “comparative molecular biology of marine animals.”

The Sars Centre is located in the modern facilities of the Bergen High Technology Centre, together with three University of Bergen departments (Molecular Biology, Biology and Informatics). The Centre has been a partner of European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) since 2003. Scientists and students of different levels come from many different countries both in Europe and overseas to participate in basic research.

To fulfill our international mission in the framework of the Sars Centre's partnership with EMBL, the Centre now offers laboratory training for a period of up to 12 months to students originating in any country, including Norway. We invite currently enrolled Master students who are interested in exploring marine animal models for the study of development and evolution to join us. The Sars Centre has the capacity, as well as human and financial resources to train a large number of students. Applicants must be registered in a University which provides adequate theoretical education in molecular biology, and/or developmental biology, cell biology, genetics, and marine biology. Start dates can be set to any time during the year.

Applications will be quickly processed, at any time of the year by the Sars Centre management, and chosen students will be offered financial support when needed. The application should include a short CV, with description of educational level and research interest. Applicants will be quickly notified whether they are eligible for lab training in a Sars research group and financial support. A final decision will generally follow a direct contact between a Sars group leader and the student, who will then be requested to provide a certified description of educational background, and approval by teachers of their University/School of origin.

Applications can be sent to:

Sars International Centre
Student Applications
Thormoehlensgt. 55
N-5008 Bergen, Norway

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