Marios Chatzigeorgiou

Chatzigeorgiou Group - Neural Circuits and Behavior in Ciona
Position: Group Leader at Sars Centre since August 2015

Group Leader
Marios Chatzigeorgiou
  • Imperial College London, B.Sc., Biochemistry 2007
  • University of Cambridge, Ph.D., Neurobiology 2011
  • At Sars since August 2015

Marios studied Biochemistry at Imperial College London (2007) and earned his PhD in Neurobiology from Cambridge University in 2011. Before joining the Sars Centre he was at the MRC LMB in Cambridge where he worked on sensory transduction. His earlier research focused on the molecular and cellular basis of nociception, while his more recent research investigated a family of proteins termed TMC (Transmembrane Channel like). Members of this family have been implicated in human deafness.

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