Daniel Chourrout

Chourrout Group - Molecular Genetics of Protochordates
Position: Group Leader, Director General of the Sars Centre

Group Leader
Daniel Chourrout
  • Doctorat Univ Paris VI
  • Directeur de Recherches INRA, France from 1990
  • At Sars since 1997

Daniel Chourrout studied at the École Normale Supérieure de Saint-Cloud from 1976 and earned his PhD in Genetics from the University of Paris VI. Before coming to Norway, he was the Director of Research at INRA (French Agriculture Research Institute) in the Lab of Fish Genetics. His research started with salmonid fish, to design and exploit various genetic manipulations for selective breeding purpose, and included in a later phase the model fish medaka for brain development studies. He was appointed in 1997 to establish the Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, in which his group studies the evolution of chordate development using the tunicate Oikopleura dioica and other larvacean species. This model system was established at the Sars Centre by a joint effort with Eric Thompson’s group. Daniel Chourrout received in 2016 a major grant TOPPFORSK from the Research Council of Norway, which will permit to enhance development studies in Oikopleura and other larvaceans.

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