Cunningham Group - Collaborators

Chris Secombes, University of Aberdeen: Characterisation of cytokines from marine vertebrates

Pascal Favrel, University of Caen: Characterisation of TGFb superfamily members of the pacific oyster

John Hansen, Basle Institute of Immunology: Haemopoesis in hagfish.

Other Projects

The group is collaborating on other projects through specific collaborations and external funding by the Research Council of Norway, Basse-Normandie Regional Council, France and the Franco-Norwegian Foundation for Scientific and Technical Research and Industrial Development The Research Council of Norway are currently funding research into the cloning and characterisation of the the salmon interleukin 1 gene family and type I and type II interleukin 1 receptors. Basse-Normandie Regional Council and the Franco-Norwegian Foundation are supporting an investigation of the immune system of the pacific oyster.

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