Thompson Group - Oikopleura Tools

  • Year-round laboratory culture of Oikopleura dioica including in vitro fertilization and sperm cryopreservation. Five populations maintained simultaneously with staggered timing.

  • Sequenced and assembled 70 Mb genome

  • Three developmental stage-specific cDNA libraries and a haploid sperm genomic library

  • >175000 ESTs

  • Whole genome high resolution tiling arrays covering 93% of the genome: median tile size 53 bp

  • Tiling-array derived whole genome developmental transcriptome comprising 12 key developmental stages encompassing the entire life span of O. dioica, in addition to testis, ovary and somatic body-specific sample sets and 3 transcriptome datasets generated from animals under growth/developmental arrest.

  • Gridded BAC library of 9216 clones (average insert 135 kb) -end sequencing of 7500 clones

  • Extensive real time imaging equipment, and microinjection facilities with attendant user expertise

  • Expression of transient capped mRNA or promoter-driven DNA constructs

  • Morpholino and RNAi knockdowns

  • Full range of bioinformatic computing facilities at the Computational Biology Unit (CBU)

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