Seminars 2018


Date Location Speaker/Title
Nov 07 Sars seminar room, 14:00 Sars seminar, Tarja Hoffmeyer, PhD student
Burkhardt Group - more info
Nov 09 MBI seminar room, 13:30
Host: Steinmetz Group
Guest Speaker - Heather Marlow, Group Leader
Genomics and Epigenomics of Animal Development
Department of Developmental and Stem Cell Biology, Institut Pasteur, Paris
Transcriptomic programs underlying cell fate determination in the sea anemoneNematostella vectensis
Nov 14 Sars seminar room, 14:00 Sars seminar, Ludwik Gasiorowski, PhD student
Hejnol Group - more info
Nov 16 Large Auditorium - HIB Datablokk, 2nd floor,
PhD defense - Haiyang Feng, Thompson Group
Roles of M-phase cell cycle regulatory paralogs in the urochordate Oikopleura dioica
more info
Nov 16 MBI seminar room, 14:00
Host: Thompson Group
Guest Speaker - Andrew Swan, PhD, Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Windsor, Ontario Canada
APC/C-Cort, a meiosis-specific Anaphase Promoting Complex, contributes to sex determination in Drosophila
Nov 21 Sars seminar room, 14:00 Sars seminar, Carine Le Goff, Postdoctoral fellow
Chourrout Group - more info
Nov 30 MBI seminar room, 14:00
Host: Rentzsch Group
Guest Speaker - Benyamin Rosental, Postdoctoral Scholar
Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University
Evolutionary origin of the mammalian hematopoietic system found in a colonial chordate

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