Guest Speaker Seminars - 2006
MBI Seminar Room (520B1), Biobuilding HIB 13:30

Date Name/Institute Host Title
Dec 13
Time - 14:00
Sarah Teichmann
Structural Studies Division
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Lillehaug “Evolution and Dynamics of Transcription Factor Repertoires.”
Dec 12
Room 13:15
Stig W. Omholt
Centre for Integrative Genetics
Norwegian Univ. of Life Sciences
Jonassen and
Joint Sars/MBI/CBU Seminar
“Why are salmonids pink?”
Dec 08 Pål R. Njølstad
Institute of Clinical Medicine
Haukeland University Hospital
Aasland “Carboxyl-ester lipase: Beyond the beta cell in diabetes.”
Dec 01
Time: 14:30
Stephen Wilson
Dept. of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, University College London
Becker Breaking Symmetry in the Brain - from Genes to Behaviour.
Nov 24 Laurence Bindoff
Department of Neurology
Institute of Clinical Medicine
Haukeland University Hospital
Ziegler Mitochondrial DNA and disease.
Nov 10
To be rescheduled
Phillip Newmark
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Technau “Stem cells, germ cells, and regeneration in planarians.”

Nov 3
To be rescheduled

Thomas Schilling
Department of Developmental & Cell Biology
University of California, Irvine
Becker Establishing Morphogen Gradients in Embryos: Retinoic Acid in the Zebrafish Hindbrain
Oct 27 Anne Dejean
Institut Pasteur,
Institute for Developmental Biology,
CNRS/IBDM, Marseille
Aasland Role of SUMO modification in vivo
Oct 19 Dr. Maja Adamska
University of Queensland, Australia
Sars Group
Leader Candidate
Developmental signaling at the onset of animal evolution: what can we learn from marine sponges?
Sars Seminar Room 09:30-10:15
Oct 19 Dr. Gaspar Jekely
Sars Group
Leader Candidate
A simple neuronal network controlling phototaxis in a marine planktonic larva.
Sars Seminar Room 10:25-11:10
Oct 19 Dr. Florian Raible
Sars Group
Leader Candidate
Of worms and men: Evolution of molecular complexity in bilaterians.
Sars Seminar Room 11:30-12:15
Oct 19 Dr. Kristin Tessmar-Raible
Sars Group
Leader Candidate
The marine ancestry of vertebrate forebrain cell types.
Sars Seminar Room 12:25-13:10
Oct 19 Dr. Ivan Tamas
Stockholm University
Dept of Pathology
Sars Group
Leader Candidate
Associations between invertebrates and their bacterial symbionts: Case studies of distributed genomes.
Sars Seminar Room 14:00-14:45
Oct 19 Dr. Pascal Lopez
École Normale Supérieure
Sars Group
Leader Candidate
Morphogenesis of diatoms.
Sars Seminar Room 14:55-15:40
Oct 13 Geir Skogerbø
Institute of Biophysics,
Chinese Academy of Sciences,
A. Nerland An experimental and bioinformatics approach to noncoding RNA research: High-level research on the non-protein-coding part of the genome in a rapidly developing scientific environment in China
Oct 6
To be rescheduled
Patrick Lemaire
Institute for Developmental Biology,
CNRS/IBDM, Marseille
Becker A Systems Biology Approach to Ascidian Neural Induction
Oct 2 MCB
The Molecular and Computational Biology Research School
MBI MCB Opening Ceremony: 10:00-12:00
HIB Large Auditorium Data Building
more info, norsk
Oct 2 Matthias Hentze
Associate Director
EMBL, Heidelberg
Aasland and
MCB Inaugural Guest Lecture: 13:30
MBI seminar room
Mechanisms to control protein synthesis
Sept 29 Ralf Schnabel
Institut für Genetik
TU-Braunschweig, Germany
Chourrout “4D-microscopy & some results: Fate, migrations, form & some curious animals.
Sept 22 Raj Ladher
Laboratory for Sensory Development
Riken CDB, Kobe, Japan
Becker Morphogenesis of the Otic Placode; the Control of Cell Shape.
Location: Sars Seminar Room (222A4) at 12:30
Sept 22 Jo Begbie
Dept of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
University of Oxford
Becker Developmental integration of the cranial sensory ganglia and hindbrain.
Location: Sars Seminar Room (222A4) at 14:00
June 16
To be rescheduled
Chris Lowe
Dept. of Organismal Biology and Anatomy,
University of Chicago
Chourrout Insights into early deuterostomes and the origins of the chordate nervous system
June 9 Emili Saló
University of Barcelona
Technau Planarian remodelling through autophagy and autophagic cell death.
June 2 Stefan Dimitrov
Unité INSERM 309, Institut Albert Bonniot
Thompson Histone variant nucleosomes: from structural properties to epigenetic functions
May 19 David M. Hunt
Institute of Ophthalmology,
University College of London
J.V. Helvik, MBI Seeing into the ultraviolet: Evolution and spectral tuning of shortwave-sensitive visual pigments”
May 12 Stefan Hoppler
Cell and Developmental Biology Research Program, Institute of Medical Sciences,
University of Aberdeen
Becker Wnt signalling in Xenopus embryonic development
May 11 Anne Donaldson
Cell and Developmental Biology Research Program, Institute of Medical Sciences,
University of Aberdeen
Becker Stories of Space and Time: Chromosome Replication and Positioning in S. cerevisiae
April 28 John M. Denu
University of Wisconsin, USA
Mathias Ziegler, MBI Chemistry and Biology of Reversible Protein Acetylation
April 7
Rescheduled to 01.dec
Stephen Wilson
Dept. of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, University College London
Becker Left brain and right brain - using zebrafish to try to understand how the brain becomes asymmetric.
March 31 Louis Du Pasquier
Institute of Zoology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Basel
Chourrout A conserved linkage group contributes homologous immunoglobulin superfamily genes to the immune and to the nervous systems throughout evolution.
March 24 Prof. Leif Andersson
Institute for Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala University
Chourrout Domestic animals: a treasure trove for exploring genotype-phenotype relationships.
Jan 27 Sandip Patel
Department of Physiology,
University College London
Ziegler, MBI Signalling by the Novel Calcium Mobilizing Messenger, NAADP: From Eggs to Neurons.”
Jan 13 David Miller
James Cook University of Queensland
Technau Comparative developmental biology and genomics of the coral Acropora - a progress report.”

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