Guest Speaker Seminars - 2007
MBI Seminar Room (520B1), Biobuilding HIB 13:30


Date Name/Institute Host Title
December 17
at 13:30
Robert Baker, Prof.
NYU Medical School
Dept. of Physiology and Neuroscience, New York
Becker Bio seminar room (439 C1), 4th Floor HIB - Bioblokk
“Evolution of vertebrate eye movement behavior.”
December 17
at 11:00
Katrin Volkmann
Zebrafish - Neuroimaging
Institute of Developmental Genetics
GSF - National Research Center for Environment and Health
Jiang Sars seminar room, 2nd Floor HIB - Bioblokk
“Migratory neuronal precursors in the developing zebrafish cerebellum.”
December 14
at 15:00
Maria Ina Arnone, PhD
Stazione Zoologica A. Dohrn, Napoli
Technau “Parahox patterning in S.purpuratus: how to build a gut.”
December 13
at 15:00
Dr Claus Nielsen
Prof. of Evolutionary Invertebrate Embryology
Zoological Museum
University of Copenhagen
Technau “Animal evolution - three themes.”
December 7 Simone Heintz
UiB Dept. of Research Management
Ziegler EUs 7th Framework Programme: Possibilities for molecular bioligists in the new calls and programmes 2008.
November 30
Sars sem room
Elsa Denker, PhD Student
Evolution and Development Team
Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)
Jiang Postdoc candidate - Jiang Group
“The tentacle bulb of Clytia hemisphaerica (Hydrozoa, Cnidaria): a novel highly dynamic model to study nematogenesis.”
November 22
Sars sem room
Neil John Gostling, Postdoc
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Bristol
Adamska Postdoc candidate - Adamska Group
“Embryos, ancestors and evolution.”
October 30
Sars sem room
Sven Leininger, PhD Student
University of Bergen
Institute of Biology
Adamska “Mesophilic archaea - environmental molecular studies on novel players in global element cycling.”
October 29
Sars sem room
Glen Elliott, PhD candidate
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Alberta, Canada
Adamska “Origin of the neuromuscular system: Insights from a sponge.”
October 16
Prof. Thomas C. G. Bosch
Zoological Institute
Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel
Technau “Molecular mechanisms controlling stem cell behavior in Hydra.”
Oct 15
sem room
Jim Smith PhD FRS FMedSci, Chairman
Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute
University of Cambridge
Technau “Making mesoderm: signals and responses.”
Sept 6
Nicholai Bache
University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Fladmark and
“Investigating the proteins involved in synaptic vesicle cycling.”
August 28
Michel Milinkovitch
Free University of Brussels
David Liberles “MANTiS: a phylogenetic framework for multi-species genome comparisons.”
August 28
Daniel Bradley
Trinity College Dublin
David Liberles “Genetic hoofprints: DNA insights into bovine domestication.”
August 27
Wen-Hsiung Li
James Watson Professor
Department of Ecology and Evolution
University of Chicago
David Liberles “Evolution of gene regulation in yeasts and mammals.”
July 3 Ute Rothbaecher, PhD
Patrick Lemaire Group
Inst. for Dev. Biology
CNRS/IBDM, Marseille
Technau Sars lunch room at 13:00
“Upstream and downstream of neural induction in ascidians.”
June 19
I.A. Meinertzhagen, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Life Sciences Centre
Dalhousie University
Nova Scotia, Canada
Glover “The identified synapses of fly photoreceptor terminals.”
June 18
Monday 10:15
Robert W. Sobol
Hillman Cancer Center,
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
Ziegler “Human Base Excision Repair and Resistance to Chemotherapeutic Alkylating agents.”
June 18
Monday 13:30
Clare Hudson
UMR7009 CNRS/UPMC Observatoire Océanologique Villefranche-sur-Mer Cedex, France
Glover “Establishment of dorsal-ventral and anterior-posterior pattern in the ascidian neural plate.”
June 6
Peter Roepstorff
University of Southern Denmark
Fladmark “Hunting for new fluorescent proteins on the Galathea 3 expedition.”
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May 23
Anna Di Gregorio
Weill Cornell Medical College, New York
Jiang “Gene regulation in the ancestral notochord: insights from a collection of cis-regulatory elements from the ascidian Ciona intestinalis.”
May 11 Linda Holland
Marine Biology Research Division
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California San Diego
Jiang “Heads or tails? Amphioxus and the evolution of axial patterning in chordates.”
May 3
Gustavo de Souza
University of Bergen/
Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry
Fladmark “SILAC and quantitative MS-based proteomics: applications for protein mapping, interaction and signal transduction.”
Apr 27 Daniel Pickford
Brunel University, London
Goksøyr “Toads in a Hole? Are endocrine disrupting contaminants a problem for wild amphibians?”
Apr 25 Tuula Nyman
Institute of Biotechnology
University of Helsinki
Fladmark “Proteomics provides new insight into T helper cell differentiation and double-stranded RNA-induced activation of innate immunity.”
Apr 20 Hugues Roest Crollius
Laboratoire Dynamique et Organisation des Genomes (Dyogen)
Ecole Normale Supérieure
Becker “Reconstructing Ancestral Vertebrate Genomes by in silico Paleogenomics.”
Mar 30 Prof. Dr. Thomas W. Holstein
Dept. of Molecular Evolution & Genomics
University of Heidelberg
Technau “Molecular structure of nematocysts.”
Mar 29
Time - 10:00
Sars sem room
Prof. Dr. Thomas W. Holstein
Dept. of Molecular Evolution & Genomics
University of Heidelberg
Technau “Organizer formation in Hydra.”
Mar 07 Various Speakers Institute for Biology Jahnebakken 5 (JB5, 101) kl 13:00-16:00
ZooMEG: Zooplankton Molecular Ecology open seminar
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Feb 23 Veronica van Heyningen
MRC Human Genetics Unit
Western General Hospital
Edinburgh, UK
Becker “Developmental eye anomalies: insights into control of gene expression and other genetic mechanisms.”
Feb 19 Fulvia Bono
Lillhaug Sars Seminar Room 12:15
“Structural insights into mRNA metabolism.”
Feb 6 Frank C.P. Holstege
Genomics Lab
UMC Utrecht
FUGE platforms
Norwegian Microaaray Consort. and CBU
MBI seminar room at 12:30
“Transcription-profiling for understanding regulatory circuitry and cancer.”
Jan 26 Jan Eriksson
Department of Chemistry
Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala
Jonassen 9:30 CBU Seminar room (5th floor), Databuilding HIB
“Computational Methods for Analyzing and Modelling Proteomics Experiments.”
Jan 26 Matthias E. Futschik
Institute for Theoretical Biology
Charite - Medical Division
Humboldt-University zu Berlin
Jonassen 13:00 CBU Seminar room (5th floor), Databuilding HIB
“Laying the groundwork of large-scale systems biology: Analysis of microarray and protein-protein interaction data.”
Jan 26 Simon Møller
Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
University of Stavanger
Lillhaug “Plastid Division and Fe-S Cluster Biogenesis in Arabidopsis.”

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