Seminars 2018


Date Location Speaker/Title
May 29 Sars seminar room, 10:00
Postdoc candidate - Marianne Goris
Post-translational N-terminal acetyltransferases: Naa60 and Naa80
May 30 Sars seminar room, 14:00 Andrea Orús-Alcalde - PhD Student
Hejnol Group
May 31 Sars seminar room, 13:00
Postdoc candidate - Oleksii Nikolaienko
Arc protein: a flexible hub for synaptic plasticity and cognition
June 01 MBI seminar room, 13:30
Rentzsch Group
Guest Speaker - Prof. Francesc Cebrià
Professor Titular, Departament de Genètica, Facultat de Biologia, Universitat de Barcelona
Regulation of stem cell differentiation during planarian regeneration
June 06 Sars seminar room, 14:00 Marion Lebouvier - PhD Student
Steinmetz Group
June 08 MBI seminar room, 13:30
Burkhardt Group
Guest Speaker - Dr. Maike Kittelmann
Department of Biological and Medical Sciences, Oxford Brookes University
Resolving synapse and organelle formation with 3D Electron microscopy

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