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Hejnol Group

Hejnol Group - May 2015
BMC Biology
The study of Priapulus caudatus reveals conserved molecular patterning underlying different gut morphogenesis in the Ecdysozoa.

Press release - Norwegian

Hejnol Group - February 2015
Zoologischer Anzeiger
Getting to the bottom of anal evolution.
Coverage from BBC

December 2013
The Genome of the Ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi and Its Implications for Cell Type Evolution

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July 21, 2013
The Sequencing of a “living scandal” brings into question the importance of sexual reproduction in animals

Genomic evidence for ameiotic evolution in the bdelloid rotifer Adineta vaga

Science - July 2013
Le Monde - July 2013
Bergens Tidende - July 2013 - July 2013
NRK - July 2013
Aftenposten - August 2013

Cover Current Biology

Current Biology
Penis worms uncover the evolution of the digestive system
A new study shows that the enigmatic marine priapulids develop their intestine as humans and fish. This finding shows that very distantly related animals share a common way of forming a gut.

Nature - Oct 2012
Scientific American - Oct 2012
Discovery News - Oct 2012
Storm - Nov 2012
Current Biology - Jan 2013

New insights into Eye-Evolution
Nature - April 2011 - March 2011
Nature - March 2011
Nature - Feb 2011
New York Times

Hausen Group - January 2014
Genome Biology and Evolution
Early Divergence, Broad Distribution, and High Diversity of Animal Chitin Synthases

Hausen Group
PNAS - May 2011
Unique system of photoreceptors in sea urchin tube feet - Abstract
Nature - May 2011
Nat'l Geographic - May 2011

Chourrout Group
Science Express - 18 november 2010
Plasticity of Animal Genome Architecture Unmasked by Rapid Evolution of a Pelagic Tunicate - Abstract
- På Høyden article

Bouquet JM
Journal of Plankton Research - april 2009
Culture optimization for the emergent zooplanktonic model organism Oikopleura dioica. - read more

Rentzsch Group

Rentzsch Group - December 2014
Cell Reports
RGM regulates BMP-mediated secondary axis formation in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis

PLoS Biology

February 2013
PLoS Biology
The bilaterian head patterning gene six3/6 controls aboral domain development in a cnidarian

Adamska Group - October 2014
Calcisponges have a ParaHox gene and dynamic expression of dispersed NK homeobox genes

photo: M. Adamski
Nature News & Views
Press Release - English
Press Release - Norwegian

Adamska Group - May 2014
Nature Communications
Developmental gene expression provides clues to relationships between sponge and eumetazoan body plans

single notochord cells
Press Release - english
Press Release - norwegian

Jiang Group

February 2014
An Equatorial Contractile Mechanism Drives Cell Elongation but not Cell Division

single notochord cells

September 2013
Anion translocation through an Slc26 transporter mediates lumen expansion during tubulogenesis

PLoS Biology cover

July 2013
Tubulogenesis in a simple cell cord requires the formation of bi-apical cells through two discrete Par domains

Midterm Evaluation

Positive evaluation ensures additional five years of funding - read more (norwegian only)

Research Council of Norway, May 2007
Boris Lenhard of The Sars Centre and the Centre for Computational Science has received YFF funding for the project, Transcriptome regulation in development, disease and cancer read more (norwegian only) - for english see På Høyden

Chourrout and Technau: Nature, August 2006
History of Hox Genes: A Key to Apprehend Changes of Animal Morphology

Technau:  Trends in Genetics, December 2005
Basal organisms had complex genomes

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